Glittery watercolor Galaxy Jars...every jar is different and beautiful!

Galaxy Jar


    You will receive a small glass jar, a watercolor palette, glitter, and cotton balls.


    Not Returnable


    Because of current conditions in the country, we are not shipping.  If you live within two miles of the DabbleLab, we will deliver to your door. If you live further out but within driving distance (2 to 10 miles of the Lab) we will also deliver to your door for a $5 fee.  In any situation, you are welcome to pick-up at the DabbleLab door when your products are ready.


    • Add a bit of water to the bottom of your jar.
    • Gently loosen your cotton balls so that they are not in such a tight ball and more of a puff.
    • Use watercolors to paint cotton balls, they do not need to be completely covered, but try to get some color on all sides.
    • Put cotton ball in the water at the bottom of your jar.
    • The color should spread to the whole piece of cotton, if not, add a little paint to the cotton while in the jar.
    • Do this with one or two more pieces of cotton.  
    • Add water when needed; you want the cotton in the jar to be colored and wet, not pooled in water, but no dry spots.
    • Now, add a glitter layer, and then repeat the whole process with different colors until your jar is full!