This is one of my favorite "no mess" crafts! "Painting" with yarn just means that there is no actual paint involved!

Yarn-"Painted" Butterfly on Contact Paper


    You will receive a butterfly template, two pieces of Contact Paper, and an assortment of yarn.


    Not Returnable


    Because of current conditions in the country, we are not shipping.  If you live within two miles of the DabbleLab, we will deliver to your door. If you live further out but within driving distance (2 to 10 miles of the Lab) we will also deliver to your door for a $5 fee.  In any situation, you are welcome to pick-up at the DabbleLab door when your products are ready.


    You simply place the contact paper sticky side up on top of the butterfly template, then you cut different sizes and colors of yarn and "paint" them onto the contact paper within the lines of the butterfly.  You can swirl, squiggle, or zigzag the yarn, just make sure that the whole butterfly is covered. When you are through placing the yarn pieces, sandwich the butterfly with the second piece of contact paper. Trim the edges and that's it...You have a Yarn-"Painted" Butterfly!