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About Emily + The DabbleLab

I've been dabbling my whole life...starting when I was a child in pottery, painting, jewelry-making, drawing, designing, cooking, baking, singing, piano, basketball, tennis, acting, ballet, jazz, pilates, name it, I've probably dabbled in it. What I learned after exploring all of these avenues, my true passion lies in arts + crafts.  I am a DIYer; I learn new skills and techniques everyday. I love making things, anything and everything, creating, teaching and spreading joy. 

I began District DabbleLab in September of 2018. I had stayed home with my main dabbler for nearly four years and she was headed off to school full time. I had been planning the DabbleLab for a while, contemplating what was I going to offer, who was I going to offer it to, what void was I filling in the market...I had so much planning to do and so many questions that needed to be answered. Then it all happened, we found our family home where I built the DabbleLab for children to come and unleash their imaginations. It began growing organically and within a year, I had after school classes four days a week, and parties on the weekends. Within the DabbleLab, I've learned and gained so much... it has exceeded my expectations in so many ways.

With every business, old and new, there are always wrenches thrown into the mix. There are a few things my mother would say to me as a child that stuck with me (who am I kidding, she still says them to me), "Stay the course" and "This too shall pass". So in this crazy world, I am staying the course, but I am not waiting for it to pass, although it will, right? Instead, we pivot.

After year and a half of Dabble On-The-Go Kits, DabbleBoxes, Virtual DabbleBashes, we are finally doing an about face! District DabbleLab is back to LIVE and in-person Classes this Fall! LIVE and in-person DabbleBashes will resume too!

Last thing...and then I'll stop talking, I mean writing. I am so overwhelmed by the support and feedback that I have received in the past few years. My dabblers and families have really shown me why I started the DabbleLab in the first place. As we keep changing directions, we hope that we are still maintaining our underlying philosophy of sparking curiosity, imagination, and creativity.

Name, Title

District DabbleLab is a space that seeks to inspire imagination, develop skills, spark curiosity, and promote creativity. 

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