class descriptions



Best for ages 3 to 5

September 14th - November 2nd


Our youngest dabblers will explore a new hands-on craft each week for eight sessions. These projects are age-appropriate and inspired by our favorite seasons, hobbies, holidays, etc. They will learn new skill sets and create something all their own. Weekly supply pick-up or delivery on Mondays.


Best for ages 6 to 10

September 16th - November 4th


Wabi-Sabi is all about finding beauty in the imperfections. We want these little artists to focus on the experience of creating rather than the outcome. These dabblers will learn different skills and methods of arts + crafts. We will teach them unusual ways to paint, creative ways to use recyclables, and focus on fun techniques. At the end of each class they will have a project that they put their whole heart into. Weekly supply pic-up or delivery on Wednesdays.