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Children will love this hands-on approach to learning how to weave their own real fabric! The FAO Schwarz Craft Weaving Loom set includes everything you need to get started creating genuine working textiles. Once you’ve mastered the art of weaving with the included string, use your own string in your favorite colors and styles to create even more advanced fabrics!


The loom set comes equipped with four different colors of string (colors may vary) so you can create fabrics in whatever color combinations you want! Create monochromatic patterns, or switch colors mid-weft for something more unique.


The loom and shuttles are both constructed of real solid wood to create an optimally sturdy frame for your weave. Accented in the classic FAO Schwarz colors of gold, white, and red, the frame features knobs to control string tension and shed height.

FAO Schwarz Arts and Crafts Weaving Loom Set

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